New York State Public and Non-Public Schools

Jurisdiction: New York State
Source: New York State Education Department, Office of Information and Reporting Services

This dataset includes 7000 public and non-public schools that are currently registered in New York State, through the New York State Education Department (NYSED), Office of Information and Reporting Services. Each school is registered with BEDS (Basic Educational Data System) code, school name, locatioin, administrator, phone number, type, etc.

TROY · NYS Public and Non-Public Schools

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School Name Chief Officer Address
BRUNSWICK CSD (BRITTONKILL) Superintendent - Dr. Angelina Maloney 3992 Ny Rt 2, Troy, NY 12180-9034
TAMARAC MIDDLE SCHOOL HIGH SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Richard Pogue 3992 Ny Rt 2, Troy, NY 12180-9034
TAMARAC ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Lindsay Morris 3992 Ny Rt 2, Troy, NY 12180-9034
BELL TOP SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Martin Mahar 39 Reynolds Rd, Troy, NY 12180-8630
LANSINGBURGH CSD Superintendent - Ms. Cynthia B. Dedominick 576 5th Ave, Troy, NY 12182-3295
KNICKERBACKER MIDDLE SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Carrie Phelan 320 7th Ave, Troy, NY 12182-3295
LANSINGBURGH SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Matthew Vandervoort 320 7th Ave, Troy, NY 12182-3295
TURNPIKE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Mrs. Tina O'brien 55 New Turnpike Rd, Troy, NY 12182-3295
RENSSELAER PARK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Rebecca Mcgrouty 70 110th St, Troy, NY 12182-3295
CATHOLIC CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Christopher Signor 625 7th Ave, Troy, NY 12182-2595
NORTH GREENBUSH COMN SD (WILLIAMS) Superintendent - Ms. Christine Hamill 48 N Greenbush Rd-unit B, Troy, NY 12180
NORTH GREENBUSH SCHOOL Principal - Ms. Christine Hamill 49 N Greenbush Rd, Troy, NY 12180-8326
LA SALLE INSTITUTE Principal - Mr. Joseph B. Raczkowski 174 Williams Rd, Troy, NY 12180-7799
WYNANTSKILL UFSD Superintendent - Dr. Thomas B. Reardon 25 East Ave, Troy, NY 12180
TROY CITY SD Superintendent - Mr. John Carmello 475 First St, Troy, NY 12180-7013
PS 2 Principal - Ms. Natelege Turner 470 10th St, Troy, NY 12180-1698
PS 14 Principal - Ms. Karen Cloutier 1700 Tibbits Ave, Troy, NY 12180-3726
PS 16 Principal - Dr. Tracy Ford 40 Collins Ave, Troy, NY 12180-4899
PS 18 Principal - Ms. Virginia Donvito-macphee 412 Hoosick St, Troy, NY 12180-2195
TROY HIGH SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Joseph Mariano 1950 Burdett Ave, Troy, NY 12180-3792
CARROLL HILL SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Roy Stiles 112 Delaware Ave, Troy, NY 12180-5499
TROY MIDDLE SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Ian Mcshane 1976 Burdett Ave, Troy, NY 12180-3791
SACRED HEART SCHOOL Principal - Mr. Devon Camenga 308 Spring Ave, Troy, NY 12180-5295
REDEMPTION CHRISTIAN ACADEMY Principal - Mr. John Massey Po Box 753, Troy, NY 12181
TRUE NORTH TROY PREP CHARTER SCHOOL Charter School Leader - Mr. Mark Muscatiello 2 Polk St, Troy, NY 12180-5512
EMMA WILLARD SCHOOL Head of School - Ms. Jenny Rao 285 Pawling Ave, Troy, NY 12180-5294
SUSAN ODELL TAYLOR SCHOOL (THE) Director - Ms. Kelly Magoolaghan 116 Pinewoods Ave, Troy, NY 12180-4845
OAKWOOD CHRISTIAN SCHOOL Headmaster - Mr. James Du Jack 260 Oakwood Ave, Troy, NY 12182