New York State Farmers Markets

Jurisdiction: New York State
Source: New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets

This dataset includes 700 community farmers markets that are currently located in New York State, provided by New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets. Each farmers market is registered with market name, locatioin, operating hours and seasons, contact, phone number, website, etc. Farmers Markets operate year round in all regions of New York State form North Tonawanda to the tip of Long Island and all points in between, providing consumers access to the highest quality farm fresh products along with the opportunity to interact with the farmers who grew and brought those products to market. The diversity of products at a typical market ranges from fruits and vegetables to value added products such as maple syrup, cheese and wine. In addition, many markets now have vendors selling unique foods ready to eat or to take home and enjoy with your family. Every year the number and types of markets and the diversity of products expands the choices local products available to consumers. The one common denominator is that the products will be the best money can buy from the finest producers in the world

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Market Name Address Operation Hours
Capital Roots Produce Market 594 River Street, Troy, NY 12180 Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm (Year-round)
Capital Roots Produce Project Farm Stand 261 8th Street, Troy, NY 12180 Tuesday 4pm-6pm (May 1-October 30)
Troy Waterfront Farmers' Market 282 River St, Troy, NY 12180 Saturday 9am-2pm (May 5-October 27)
Troy Waterfront WINTER Farmers' Market 49 4th Street, Troy, NY 12180 Saturday 9am-2pm (November 3-April 27)
Veggie Mobile Sprout-Barker Park 3rd and State St., Troy, NY 12180 Tue 11:30am-12pm (Year-round)
Veggie Mobile Sprout-Burns Apts 720 Federal Street, Troy, NY 12180 Thu 12:30pm-1:15pm (Year-round)
Veggie Mobile Sprout-Edward A. Kane Apts 5 115th Street, Troy, NY 12182 Thu 11am-11:30am (Year-round)
Veggie Mobile Sprout-Lansingburgh Apts 41 114th Street, Troy, NY 12182 Wed 2:30pm-3:15pm (Year-round)
Veggie Mobile Sprout-O'Neil Apts 2121 6th Ave., Troy, NY 12180 Wed 3:30-4:15pm (Year-round)
Veggie Mobile-Kennedy Towers Apts 2100 6th Avenue, Troy, NY 12180 Thu 2:45pm-3:45pm (Year-round)
Veggie Mobile Sprout-Blooming Grove Sr Housing 105 Bloomingrove Drive, Troy, NY 12180 Tue 12:30pm-1pm (Year-round)
Farm to Preschool IV Farmers' Market 754 4th Ave, Troy, NY 12182 Wed 1:30pm-4:30pm (June 21-September 27)